is going to be just fine. the3rdonlive.wordpress.com/category/faithful-and-just/dig

’m coming to all to describe my sincere regrets at even considering a POTUS HAs

even a shred of dignity. how on earth can show my support for him doing such

disregard for decency. it was my impression that he was, the lesser of those two

evils. all the chatter about sincere disregard for any non-socialist promises in

an already fear consumed nation, POTUS is just sinking himself, into so much

more guilty predicaments there is no more energy to root for lesser of the evil

between candidates for the good of the nation; but as of late it has been a bit

lowered. to preschool name-calling and colored profit by cartooning one side

character to a less than honorable form of character assassination. there may

need be a surge in revolutionary banner threat of considerable conflict if any

of this weeny-communistic governing even contends go win majority of our

presently free nation. ACTION not words. our working class is only talking.

what about our directives expressed by some other statesmen? what’ going

to happen? to even consider that answer: dependent on democratic action a

thing obviously foreign to them. its with a fright: think what’s headed our way.

hate these views, love ’em. it makes ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE TO ME, dig?

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