God Calling

If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And
ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
John 8:31, 32
Love Your Servants
Love, love, love. Tender
Love is the secret. Love those
you’re training, Love those who work
with you, love those who serve you.
Dwell on that idea – God is Love.
Link it up with My
I and my Father are one.”
Dwell on My actions on
earth. See in them Love
in operation. As it was
God who so Acted,
it’s Love, Perfect
Love, performed
those actions, in
those wonders.

Then you, too,
must put Love
(God) into action
in your lives. Perfect
Love means perfect forgiveness.
Lo, my children, you see that where
God is there can be no lack of forgiveness,
for that is really lack of love.
God is Love . . . no judging.
God is Love . . . no resentment.
God is Love . . . all patience.
God is Love . . . all power.
God is Love . . . all supply.
All you need to have is love
to God and man. Love to God
ensures obedience to every wish,
every command. Love is the fulfilling
of all law. Pray much for love.

“And we have known and believed the love
that God hath to us. God is love; and he that
dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.” 1 John 4:16

My children, I come. Hearts eager to do My Will, send
out and call that ever I find irresistible. I know no barrier then.
Resignation to My Will keeps Me barred out from more Hearts
than does unbelief.

Can anything be such a crime against Love as being resigned?

My Will
should be welcomed with a glad wonder if I am to do My Work in the heart
and life.The only resignation that could possibly be acceptable to Me is when
Self, ousted by My claims, accepts the inevitable and resigns the throne for Me,
leaving My Disciple free to carry out My Will, to welcome My Will gladly, rapturous
In all true discipleship, and in the true spiritual development of each disciple, there
is first the wonder, the joy of first acquaintance, then comes thate long stretch of
lesson-learning and discipline, when Joy seems so much a thing of the past as
never to be recaptured again.But the constant experience of Me, the constant
persistent recognition of My Work  in daily happenings — the accumulating
weight of evidence in support of My Guidance —  numberless instances in
which seeming chance or wonderful coincidence can be, must be, traced
back to My Loving fOrethought – these gradually engender a feeling of
wonder, certainty, gratitude, followed in time by Joy. Joy is of two kinds.
The Joy born of Love, Wonder, and the Joy born of Love and Knowledge,
between the experience of the two Joys lie discipline, disappointment, almost
disillusion. Combat these in My Strength, or rather cling blindly, helplessly to Me
and let Me combat them, persevere in obeying My Will, accept My discipline, and the
second Joy will follow. And of this second Joy it was that I said, “Your joy no man taketh
from you.”Do not regret the first, the second is the greater gift.
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Daily Lesson

When dealing with others the most hurtful word you can use is “NO.”  

Stop and think beforeyou use it.  If it is not important say “yes.”  If it is

then give a reason why you do not agree.  Ask any child what is the worse 

thing a parent can say to them and do not be surprised at their answer.  Never

forget that no matter how old one is there is an inner child in everyone that can still

be hurt.

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