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Almighty God, we bless you for our lives,
we give you praise for your abundant mercy and grace we receive. We thank You for Your Faithfulness even though we are not that faithful to You.
Lord Jesus, we ask you to give us all around
peace in our mind, body and soul and your spirit.
we want you to heal and remove everything that
it causing stress, grief, and sorrow in our lives.

Do not be worried people… look the shape of our tiny galactic speck: sptth\\:the3rdon.live

guide our path through life,

make our enemies be so Peaceful with us.

Let The Peace reign in your family.



Let Your Angels of Peace go ahead of us when we go out and stay by our side when we return. in Jesusname, Amen.

Heavenly Father, please grant me peace of mind
and calm my troubled heart.

My soul is like a turbulent sea. I can’t seem to find

my balance, so I stumble and worry constantly. Do give me the strength and clarity of mind to find my purpose
and walk the path You’ve laid out for me.

I trust
Your Love: God,

and know that you will heal this stress.
Just as the sun rises each day against the dark of night.

Please bring me clarity with the light of You.

In your name we pray, Amen.


“the moment we recognize our complete weakness
and our complete dependence on Him will be the very
moment that the Spirit of God will exhibit His power.” Oswald

David Buckle 08/16/2019 at 3:22 pm Edit

Lord, we thank Thee for Thy Great Gift of Peace.

That is the Peace, that only I can give in the midst

of a restless world, surrounded by trouble by difficulty.

To know that Peace is to receive the stamp of The Kingdom;

the mark of the Lord Jesus.




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