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Jesus Christ's

see, this act stands to be more than our band ever was. we were only a crew of 6-7 guys in dazedland. that was the scheme of things in Huntsvegas: WHERUPON David slid through, but5 NOT completely through his way to emeritus. October second, 1992 @ 11:3? pm was his touch from Him:

Jose San MartinSun, May 17, 10:48.27:02 am (

His Gentle Touch  
Time can bring you down
Time can bend your knees
Time can break your heart
Have you begging, please
Begging, please…Eric Clapton.  

Every day in it’s own way is a battle.  

What was good yesterday may not be

good enough today.  One can be negative

and give up and say please no more or one

can look up into the heavens; say, thank You,

Lord, one opportunity to do good in Your name. 

Giving up hurts but is easy, to do that much good is

hard but so rewarding…

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